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Bargain Buys launches new website

Aug 10, 2018
Bargain Buys launches new website

Bargain Buys, the well-known online discount store, has launched a new website

Part of the Ricochet Publishing group, Bargain Buys, recently went national with franchises opening in all the major centres.

Graeme Lund, Managing director of Ricochet Publishing says, “We are very excited about the new website.  Our old site had become rather dated and did not contain some of the functionality that is expected by users.  Our new site has a comprehensive search function, a shopping cart and is mobile friendly.”

Apart from the improved functionality, the new website is also more secure in its management and storage of user data.

“Existing customer’s visiting the new website for the first time will continue to use their same user name but they will need to reset their password,” says Graeme.

“Our customers will now be able view all their non-expired vouchers on the website and be able to print them from the site itself.  The old email system has been discontinued,’ he adds.

“We are launching the new website with some amazing specials from all around the country.  Don’t miss out on these!” concludes Graeme.