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Baseball to be unified in Metropolitan schools

Baseball to be unified in Metropolitan schools

Mandela Bay Baseball Association met with the Department of Sport and Recreation, Arts and Culture of the Nelson Mandela Metropole, as well as various educators, to collaborate plans on unifying baseball in schools.

The implementation of baseball in schools, based in Uitenhage, Despatch, Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas, is supported by Major League Baseball and South African Baseball. The movement is supported by its “A child in court, is one out of court” program, which stretches its services across all zones in South Africa.  

Terrence Gouws, from the Mandela Bay Baseball Association, told UD News that baseball will offer a unique dimension to sport in the Metropolitan areas.

“This is the first time that baseball will be offered as a sporting code at school level in the Uitenhage and Despatch area,” Gouws added.

The Mandela Bay senior side positioned third overall in the Promotion League at the Baseball Nationals hosted last month.

Following fixtures:

Saturday, April 16, 14:00. Gelvan Athletics Baseball Club vs MBA Invitational. (Park Tigers Baseball Club, Londt Park).

Saturday, April 23, 14:00. MBA Masters vs MBA Seniors (Despatch Redsox Baseball Club)