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Batman vs Superman: The Dawn of Justice - the honest film review

Batman vs Superman: The Dawn of Justice - the honest film review

It’s always a good sign to sit in a packed cinema where the audience is riveted to the screen. Welcome to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Zack Snyder’s (director of 300) next offering after his fantastic re-launch of the Superman franchise in 2013 - Man of Steel.

For those non-believers, who didn’t watch that movie, be sure to do so before seeing this one. Snyder doesn’t waste time with soap opera flashbacks – the events in BvS are directly linked to it and there’s no spoon feeding.

Essentially this is a movie for his fans and the followers of MoS... It is a powerful film – fast paced, dark, stylish and loud, with loads of action and a star studded cast. Adding to the experience is Hanz Zimmer’s epic soundtrack which follows on from the original, but this time in collaboration with Mad Max: Fury Road composer, Tom Holkenborg, whose adrenalized influence raises the heart rate.

As for Ben Affleck as Batman – well, I believe that he’s actually the best one yet! Be prepared for non chronological scenes and dream sequences that require your active engagement in order to keep up. And popcorn – get a big one for its 2h30 running time. Awesome at IMAX.