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Battered and exhausted East London father and son escape near drowning

Dec 19, 2016
Battered and exhausted East London father and son escape near drowning

An East London father and son had a lucky escape over the weekend after they both almost drowned at the City's Nahoon Beach.

According to Geoff McGregor, National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) East London station commander, "At 19h08, on Saturday, NSRI East London duty crew responded to Nahoon Beach following reports of a drowning in progress.  The SA Police Services and Dynamic ambulance services also responded."

On arrival at the scene, it was found that a father appeared to have gone into the water to help his son, who was in difficulty.  

"The father grew tired and got into difficulty himself.  We believe that a local surfer, Brandon Flynn, may have assisted the son out of the water and then went back into the surf with his surfboard and was assisting the father to stay afloat (the father was at this stage suffering complete exhaustion and no longer able to help himself)," described McGregor.

"Jordy Malherbe and his dad Andre, local surfers, had arrived on the beach and seeing Brandon helping the casualty they both launched their surfboards to go to help Brandon.

"On their arrival we believe that Jordy took over helping the casualty, bringing him safely to shore, and Andre assisted Brandon, who was by now also exhausted, to get to shore."

Local surfers Brandon Flynn, Jordy Malherbe and Andre Malherbe are commended for going to the assistance of the father and his son and managing to rescue them successfully averting a disaster at Nahoon Beach on Saturday.

"The father and his son were checked by paramedics but they required no further assistance."

Image: file photo