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BATTLEGROUND 2016: DA will consider coalition with “NUMSA party” in NMB after 2016 - Trollip

NOVEMBER 21, 2014
BATTLEGROUND 2016: DA will consider coalition with “NUMSA party” in NMB after 2016 - Trollip

TheDemocratic Alliance (DA) will consider a coalition with a political party backed by the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) after the 2016 Local Government Election, DA provincial leader Athol Trollip said on Friday morning.

Trollip told Metro Minutes that the DA would govern Nelson Mandela Bay in a coalition with a party backed by NUMSA as it had done with other parties “that share our objective of good governance”.

He pointed out that the DA had initially governed in such a coalition in Cape Town.

The DA leader, who has confirmed that he will be available for consideration as mayoral candidate for Nelson Mandela Bay in 2016 acknowledged that the two parties would have markedly different political ideologies. But, the DA provincial leader stressed, it would be the commitment to the objective of good governance “that will be the uniting thread”.

NUMSA general secretary Irvin Jim is reported to have said that he will be open to collaboration with any party “that has a contribution to make”.

As the capital of the automotive industry, NUMSA has significant membership numbers in Nelson Mandela Bay.

The DA has made the Nelson Mandela Bay metro one of its prime targets in 2016, while the African National Congress (ANC) has stated that losing the metro, which carries the name of one of its most revered leaders, would be “bitter”.

A NUMSA-backed party could well see the return of former Mandela Bay Mayor Zanoxolo Wayile to local government politics.

Wayile was redeployed by the ANC to the National Assembly after a long-running conflict with ANC regional chair Nceba Faku, but was not placed high enough on the party’s list to secure a return to Parliament after the election earlier this year.

Wayile is a former regional chairman of NUMSA, having served in that position at the time Jim was regional secretary of the trade union. - metrominutes