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Baywest Remains Committed to getting Apple Express Back on Track

DECEMBER 10, 2014
Baywest Remains Committed to getting Apple Express Back on Track

Baywest MD Gavin Blows says the developers are “working hard” with the Apple Express NGO and Apple Express Rail (AER) “to get the iconic tourism train up and running next year”.

Blows told Metro Minutes that a station had already been included in the plans for Baywest Mall.

Linked to this was “the possibility of a tram ferrying commuters a short distance from the station to the mall and back.

“This is a project we hope to see come to fruition, not only because it will add an entirely unique experience for visitors to the mall, but because it will be a huge boost to tourism in this region.”

“We are in full support of Apple Express Rail, which is presenting a business case on taking over operation of the line from Transnet Freight Rail (TFR).

“A similar cession of a railway line has occurred in the Western Cape by TFR to a non-state entity, so we are hopeful that they will look favourably on this application as well”.

Blows said although Baywest would not operate the line directly “he was hopeful should the line be ceded to AER, that speciality Baywest trains could be introduced.”

These, he said, would make trips between the Humerail depot at the beachfront every four hours.

He explained that new boarding platforms would be introduced along the line, should the “speciality trains” become a reality.

“It would mean that people could jump on the train at the beachfront, travel to Baywest Mall for shopping and entertainment and then return by train later.” - MetroMinutes.


IMAGE: www.amandi.com