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BAYWORLD IS BACK: Newly-revamped and ready to awe and thrill your family this summer

BAYWORLD IS BACK: Newly-revamped and ready to awe and thrill your family this summer

Do you also feel nostalgic about your experiences at Bayworld in Port Elizabeth when sounds of ecstatic oooh’s and aaah’s would fill its Oceanarium, Museum, Snake and Dinosaur parks as you and your kids discovered the wonders of the natural world? Yearn no more!

I recently got a behind-the-scenes visit to the newly-refurbished Bayworld complex and learnt that after its long and busy hiatus, one of PE’s much-loved family and tourist attractions will be re-opening its doors this month.

Even while ‘our’ favourite dolphins have not returned, your correspondent can assure you that you, your family, your friends and eager young explorers will enjoy a good adventure at the complex.

Be cautioned; your most difficult challenge on arrival is going to be deciding where to start your journey of discovery as there is now so much to see and experience. Being a marine enthusiast though, I naturally started at the aquarium.

I discovered that new penguin and seal enclosures have been built with ‘sea-through’ partitions along the walkway to allow visitors under-water viewing of the penguins and clearer viewing of the seals. Your children will not forget watching penguins fly though the water and the seals spinning and cavort without being perched on the wall like we did back in the day.

Two loggerhead turtles are also set to join the seals in an underwater spectacle.

A new show-pool featuring a sizeable grandstand for the seal and penguin shows has also been built for those wanting to enjoy the show in comfort. Show times will remain 11am and 3 pm daily except on Christmas Day.

Marine tanks with a lively kaleidoscope of fish, octopi and other colourful marine life will also be on display. It was obvious to me that the edutainment part had been carefully thought out.

In the reptile park, my old favourites have been joined by amazing newcomers. While the crocodiles and ‘Rocky the Rock Monitor’ are still in residence, several bigger and intimidating dinosaurs are going to steal the limelight. The amount of detail and devotion given in creating these exhibits is easy to see and appreciate.

There is now so much more to see and experience at Bayworld - and be sure to visit the all-new Inathi Curio-shop which has its own Kids’ Tattoo Corner, coffee shop and well-priced souvenirs. All proceeds will be used to keep Bayworld alive.

Recapture your childhood wonder and excitement and share it with your kids, a niece or nephew at the revamped Bayworld along Marine Drive in Summerstrand.

For enquiries, call Reception 041 584 0650 or Craig on 082 385 5481.