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Beacon Bay Rotary Club donates wheelchairs to local residents

Beacon Bay Rotary Club donates wheelchairs to local residents

The Beacon Bay Rotary Club has, last week alone, donated five wheelchairs to the local residents of East London.

Zanele Nete of Cambridge Township is one of the recipients of the wheelchair by the club.

The 29-year-old Nete was diagnosed with Ischaemia, a condition generally caused by problems with blood vessels.

Ischaemia caused Nete to lose her right leg due to amputation, making it impossible to walk on her own.

The high-quality wheelchair donated by the club enables Nete to be more self-reliant.

“It’s far more comfortable than the one I was using. I could only use that one with the help of my neighbour,” Zanele told Go&Express.

Another recipient is Lennox Khwakwini, a homeless man, who had been wandering the streets of East

London for years with only his crutches and an old blanket.

Beacon Bay Rotary Club president, Dr Chester Woodhall said: “If anybody needs a wheelchair, we urge them to come forward. The Rotary Club is willing to help by giving to those in need.”


Image credit: www.karmamobility.co.uk