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Beating the winter blues

Beating the winter blues

There is something about winters in the Bay; they can be terribly cold, wet and depressing at the same time - and you never know what will be thrown at you next. A good idea is to rouse your senses with sweet fragrances, soothing music and the expert touch of a Thai massage therapist.

I recently visited Sabai Thai Massage Parlour, situated at 268 Main Road in Walmer, Port Elizabeth, in search of a mood shift through this ancient massage style. Rose, the owner, welcomed me as if she had known me for years. We briefly toured all their treatment rooms and, being the first client of the day, I was able to choose the one I preferred.

Every room had two clean and comfortable treatment beds, towels, a pair of clean treatment pants and exotic Thai-themed décor.

After changing into my treatment pants, I lay on the bed and Rose entered the room with a little carrier basket, which held a candle underneath a bowl of warm water and a little tub of massage cream. She knelt down at the base of the bed and began the massage.

My treatment actually took slightly longer than planned because of the good conversation we had. Rose, though, did not lose concentration. She started with my feet and worked her way up my legs and thighs before working my arms and back. While her strokes were generally gentle, I also felt occasional tingling – sweet pain! I could feel the knots leaving my body.

Afterwards, Rose asked me to sit up. She then stretched my body into place by pulling my arms backwards and pushing my back against her knees, it was amazing.

My favourite part of the treatment was when Rose massaged my hands – I did not know that tension can also build up in your hands. She also pointed out that your body’s left side should always be massaged first as that is where your heart is - however, it is in the right side where tension is always felt.

I also learnt from her that the Thai massage technique, with over 300 methods, is very different from other forms of massage in that it goes deeper while focusing on all pressure points.

Having enjoyed every second of my massage, I hope to return to Sabai Thai Massage Parlour for a different treatment soon.

To book your treatment, visit Sabai Thai Massage Parlour at 268 Main Road Walmer, PE, between 13th and 14th Avenue, or call 041 581 0608. Gift vouchers are also available. Please note: Their services are not sexual in any way!