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Beauty central: Recharge at La Bello Nail and Beauty Salon

By Anne Udemans - Dec 15, 2014
Beauty central: Recharge at La Bello Nail and Beauty Salon

With the end of the year fast approaching and my internal battery almost completely drained, I decided that is was time for a well-deserved charge-up by indulging in a deep cleanse facial, eyebrow-wax plus tint as well as a manicure at La Bello Nail and Beauty salon, situated at the Walker Drive Shopping Centre, in Port Elizabeth.

La Bello is a relatively small salon but, as I soon discovered, was well run.  On arrival, I was warmly greeted by salon owner, Tracy, who introduced me to Nately who would be assisting with my treatments.

Having made myself comfortable on the treatment bed, Tracy started by applying a cleansing gel to wash-off any make-up or excess dirt from my face. She then proceeded to carefully massage the gel into my face for about eight minutes.

Once finished, she then removed the gel with a soft sponge, which also helped to peel away dead skin cells. Thanks to her tender and gentle touch, I was soon in a state of complete relaxation.

She then applied a steamer to my face which helped open the pores and remove any impurities without leaving my skin red or irritated. The massage that followed focused on all the pressure points on my face, including the neck and shoulders.

A mask, with a fragrant aroma, was then thoroughly applied and left on for about twenty minutes before being removed and replaced with a moisturising cream and SPF for conditioning and protection. Tracy also reshaped and tinted my eyebrows to help give my face a new definition.

Now it was time for the nails. Tracy started off by soaking my hands in warm water before applying an exfoliating cream which she rubbed and massaged into my hands. She then went about filing and buffing my nails to get them ready for paint and polish. For colour, I opted for an electric blue option and, for a dose of extra pizazz; a feather was embedded on two nails. 

After this application, Tracy applied a gel coat before putting my hands under a UV light, specifically made to dry and harden nails. This took about five minutes. Feeling relaxed and pampered by Tracy and her staff, I left La Bello with my internal battery fully-charged.

La Bello also offers acrylic nails, colour tips and overlays, pedicures, waxing, micro current facial treatment and professional ultrasonic liposuction treatments.

For bookings or more information, visit La Bello at Shop 37 at the Sherwood Centre along Walker Drive, in Port Elizabeth, or call 079 803 2217.


Image courtesy of: www.bodypro.ca