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Being media savvy more critical than ever: Enjoy the good times by being prepared for the worst

By Brian Anthony Hayward - Jul 21, 2015
Being media savvy more critical than ever: Enjoy the good times by being prepared for the worst

The rise of social media means it is more critical than ever for companies to be media savvy, to stay ahead of the competition.

Gone are the days when companies had plenty of time to respond to any negative attention. Social media plays by different rules: immediacy is king, and the truth is often blurred or ignored. A company’s good reputation can change overnight.

The integration of social media in today’s communication landscape has made mainstream media and communication a whole new ball game. Large companies can afford to hire a fulltime communications strategist, but for many it is cost effective to rather make use of a dedicated and experienced service provider.

Brian Anthony Communications has an integrated approach to raising, maintaining and managing the reputation of companies.

Social solutions

Not only do we have a dedicated social media offering, but we have tailor-made solutions to fit various budgets and needs – from the bare essentials (our “Training Wheels” package), to the popular alternative (“The Fast Lane”), as well as an all-inclusive option (“Look At Me Now”).

Our clients have benefitted from our ability to strategically engage with their online audience, while being able to carefully monitor and connect with followers. A slap-dash, uncoordinated approach to social media makes a business seem amateur among its competitors.

We understand what posts work, how to promote a new product or service using social media, as well as how to manage negative attention. This makes all the difference between a company winning or losing potential clients.

Mainstream media

We come with the experience of over 10 years in news media. We understand how stories are told in the press – and what is required to gain positive media traction for a business. With this, we understand the ins and outs of raising a company’s profile in the public domain – and the value of both regional and national relevance. For us, these functions are second nature.

Crisis management

For companies in the limelight, being prepared to manage a hiccup – or worse – in front of the media and the public can be a make or break situation. A CEO or MD unprepared will fast be yesterday’s news or a laughing stock. Be prepared, and the company will be seen as a leader.

For this reason we have aligned with national media strategists and legal experts to offer a unique Crisis Communications workshop to company employees who are most likely to face the media in a crisis situation.

We also offer other workshops tailored to suit a company’s needs, which cover the ins and outs of Traditional Media, as well as Social Media, explaining how leveraging these platforms can benefit the company.

For more information, visit www.briananthony.co.za.