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Beneficiaries and public warned - government RDP homes are not for sale

Feb 22, 2018
Beneficiaries and public warned - government RDP homes are not for sale

The Eastern Cape Department of Human Settlements has the public against the purchase of government subsidised houses through illegal scams.

According to spokesperson, Lwandile Sicwetsha, the department is aware of advertisements that are selling government subsidised houses to the public.

"It must be on record that any sale of a government subsidised house is illegal and unlawful. The policy prescripts prohibit the sale of government subsidised houses within eight years of its handover," he said.

"Once the eight-year period lapses and the beneficiary no longer needs the house, the house must be offered back to the state and reallocated to the next qualifying beneficiary who is on an official beneficiary list."

Sicwetsha said that the department has not sanctioned any sale of government subsidised houses to anyone.

"The Breaking New Ground subsidy homes are allocated free of charge to people with an income less than R3 500.00 a month. People who need houses must follow the application process in the department," he added.

"People who are offered to purchase government subsidised houses must report the matter to our Customer Care unit number on 0860 00 00 39 or report it to their nearest police stations.

"The province still has a huge backlog of housing needs and as such, these illegal sales are a set back to the efforts in reducing the backlog and provision of decent homes to the poor and marginalised."