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Besides CAW, George registered vehicles will now feature CAG number plates

Jan 18, 2018
Besides CAW, George registered vehicles will now feature CAG number plates

Motor vehicles registered in George could soon start featuring CAG- registration plates in addition to the existing local CAW number plates.

George Municipality Director of Protection Services, Steven Erasmus, said the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works had informed the municipality of the imminent depletion of the CAW licence number pool.

“Rapid population growth in recent years has meant more vehicles were being registered in George than numbers going back into the pool, which has led to the need for a new licence mark,” said Erasmus.

The provincial department has indicated new licence mark allocations are made rather than reducing the size of the numbers on registration plates (which impedes effective law enforcement) or enlarging number plates (which affects the size of the space which car manufacturers allow for).

Adding CAG to the local licencing system will make almost 100 000 additional licence numbers available in the George area.

The CAG allocation does not replace CAW and current holders of CAW registration numbers are not affected.

The system will automatically allocate CAG numbers when CAW numbers are no longer available, the process of which is administered provincially and online.

The exact time when the first CAG numbers will turn out is unknown as the availability of numbers are dynamic and affected by factors including vehicles being written off, stolen, sold, or moving to an area with a different registration number.

It is, however, expected to be imminent.

Implementation of the CAG allocation is reliant on publication in the Western Cape Provincial Gazette, of which the municipality will be informed. The public participation process in this regard is currently underway.

The CAG registration was formerly allocated to Barkly West in the Northern Cape, which now uses NC plates.