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Best ways for Men to lose troubled belly fat

Best ways for Men to lose troubled belly fat

There are ways to lose weight doing usual, conventional man exercises or routines; without the need of using womanly attributions such as smoothies, pepper milkshakes or partaking in stretching or pilates classes.

Here are some dieting concepts and/or work outs that let you lose weight (the manly way) in order to burn off the problematic area of belly fat. So put the beers down, and get sweating and eating right to burn off excess belly fat.

-          Intermittent Fasting:All about structure and instils built-in discipline, as you define each day with an ‘eating’ and ‘no eating’ designation. A fasting period upon which you are not to consume food for a certain amount of straight hours (e.g. 16 hours) is assigned. You are then able to consume all daily calories or food intake in the remaining subsequent hours (e.g. 8 hours). You will eat bigger meals than typical diets and the diet itself is very lenient, allowing you to eat as much as you want in your subsequent time frame.

-          Carbohydrate Cycling: Practice of altering your carbohydrate intake based on the level of activity you partaking on a given day. With weight work and intense cardio exercises, carb intake will be much higher for energy boosters, as opposed to days with little activity – where carb intake should be kept to a minimum. This optimizes your calorie intake based on your needs.

-          Zero carbohydrate: Keeping your carb intake as low as possible for the duration of your diet. This allows your body to melt off fat over several weeks due to a lack of high energy resources from food. Very effective but also very demanding.

-          Weight lifting in large muscle groups: Lifting weights and stimulating your muscles in the heaviest form possible in large muscle groups, as they have direct influence on your resting metabolic rate. The larger the muscle group being stimulated, the more calories your burn at resting point. Work outs such as the bench press, deadlifts, squats and some power cleans should all suffice.