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Billboardgate: DA challenges ANC to jobs debate

Billboardgate: DA challenges ANC to jobs debate

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has challenged the African National Congress (ANC) to a debate on jobs and the country’s faltering economy, a day after the ruling party branded the unveiling of a billboard in Johannesburg as racist.

Speaking in a statement, DA National Spokesperson Phumzile van Damme, accused ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa of playing the race card instead of engaging “intellectually” with the content of the board’s message, adding that his comments are an indication that the ruling party has no plans in place to repair the economy.

In an interview with News24 on Thursday, Kodwa stated that the DNA of Apartheid lives on in the DA after the party showcased the split board on the corner of Jeppe and Sauer streets, which depicts President Jacob Zuma smiling on a yellow background with the words, “More people jobless under Zuma’s ANC and counting” written above his head, while the other side, painted blue and brandishing the DA’s logo, reads, “Vote DA for change that creates jobs”.

“The billboard contains uncomfortable truths for the ANC, and because it has no plans or hope to offer the unemployed and those that have given up looking for work under the ANC government, it chose cry wolf and claim racism,” van Damme said.

“Racism should never be used for cheap political point scoring. This is an insult to the millions of South Africans that experience racism on a daily basis”.