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‘Bitterness over apartheid makes you sick, be like Madiba’ says Trollip

By Afikile Lugunya - Jul 19, 2018
‘Bitterness over apartheid makes you sick, be like Madiba’ says Trollip

Addressing local residents, who had gathered for the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s Mandela Centenary celebrations in Port Elizabeth on Wednesday, Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip, encouraged people to finally let go of their bitterness over apartheid abuses just like the late former President did because holding onto “bitterness makes you sick and die before time”.

Trollip hosted several students from various Nelson Mandela Bay schools at the event, where the learners were given a chance to demonstrate what they had prepared in remembrance of the late Madiba.

The Mayor, said that the City is blessed to be named after Nelson Mandela, however that name comes with a responsibility of leading by example just like what Nelson Mandela did.

“We always remain conscious of the unique opportunity and responsibility and privilege of being the only city in the world to be named after Nelson Mandela,” he said.

“Let us not forget Nelson Mandela, who led by examples and refused to be bitter, but chose to forgive and move on with his life.

“He lived a good life even when he died, he died old because bitterness makes you sick and you die before time.”

The Metro’s MMC for Sports and Recreation, Siyasanga Sijadu, said that people, who say bad things about Mandela on social media hurt her.

“There are people, who call Tata a sell-out on social media, yet forget that they are able to write the things they are writing because of the same person, who fought for their freedom.”

In a speech, the Nasruddin Islamic Primary School thanked Nelson Mandela “for every drop of sweat that has fallen over your forehead for me and those after me, thank you for every minute you spent in prison for our cause, Thank you that I as a born free I am welcome to love who ever I want, Thank you Madiba for being the father of the nation”.

Abdulla Mia, a Grade 12 learner from Nasruddin Islamic Primary School, said that he fondly remembers Mandela dancing at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

“He is from the rural areas, but managed to make himself a President, I mean what’s not to be celebrated about that,” he added.