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Blanco Library – Acknowledging our Senior Citizens

Apr 10, 2017
Blanco Library – Acknowledging our Senior Citizens

A special event was held by Blanco Library to acknowledge the senior citizens who are making use of this Library.

The event was opened by the Senior Manager, Community Development and Library Services, Shanold Marillac. Marillac gave a personal account of his family life and the importance of his aged parents, who he visits every day. He further encouraged the senior citizens to apply their knowledge and insight by constantly advising, encouraging and admonishing the youngsters in Blanco and surrounding areas. He also emphasized the constructive and important role of the senior citizens in George.

Kidron Kaboni, former Mayor of George and well known speaker, also got a chance to address the audience. He encouraged the elderly to tell and write down their stories so that it can serve as a testimony for generations to come.

Library user, Eve Stoffels, gave a description of the many, many hours she spends in Blanco Library and how this library is an important part of her daily life.

Another Blanco resident, Rosina Bernadie, gave a brief overview of the history of Blanco.

“Events, programmes and services for the aged and infirm is important. It is not unusual for the elderly to feel annoyed by their inability to accomplish all that they could when they were younger and more energetic. They therefore need to feel cherished and valued. This will bring about a sense of worth and allows them to maintain their rightful stand in society. As such their sense of dignity is retained,” Marillac said.

“It is a privilege for all of us at Blanco Library to be of service to them. We have developed fine relationships with some of these “golden oldies “. This workshop surely empowered the elderly to prosper in their "golden years", said James de Waal, Senior Librarian: Branch Libraries.

The staff of Blanco Library also gained insight into the ways of the elderly, which leads to a better understanding and tolerance of this user group. Three prizes were awarded for this user group, namely, the oldest reader awarded to Rosie Bernardo, most loyal reader awarded to Isaac Pretorius and the fastest, biggest and best reader awarded to Eve Stoffels.

Caption: Rosie Barnardo receives an award from Rachel Williams, Manager: George Libraries, for being the oldest reader of Blanco library.