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BLIKSEM! New Astra OPC guaranteed to leave you breathless

BLIKSEM! New Astra OPC guaranteed to leave you breathless

“Please don’t pinch me - I don’t want to wake up!” was my recent exclamation after receiving the keys to one car that has been on the top of my ‘cars you must drive before you die list’ for a very long time - the Opel Astra OPC.

To add to my already out of control excitement, our test model came in a darker shade of Opel’s traditional OPC blue and a set of menacing black 20 inch alloy wheels shot with low profile Pirelli PZero rubber.

Like its predecessor, the new OPC is based on the already handsome-looking Astra GTC but with a more aggressive body kit, boot spoiler, triangular twin exhausts and massive Brembo brake discs. From a visual perspective alone, the OPC is not only beautiful but completely unrestrained and loud, like a hot hatch should be.

Inside, you will notice the alloy pedals, the body hugging OPC embroidered leather bucket seats, red mood lighting, OPC badges on the steering wheel and gear lever, piano key black and silver inserts on the centre hangdown section as well as two conspicuous buttons marked ‘Sport’ and ‘OPC’.

Although these traits might seduce you, nothing can compare to the monster lying beneath the bonnet. The 2.0 litre turbocharged engine produces a whopping 206 kW and 400 Nm of torque, enough to blitz the OPC from 0-100km/h in a claimed 6.2 sec and on to a limited top speed of 250 km/h.

Explicit yells of excitement leapt forth as I floored the throttle. The turbo surge is so instant that you are literally pushed back into your seat and left physically breathless, and that was only third gear in normal Eco mode!

Press the Sport button and you will discover quicker throttle responses and sharper steering. For the full effect however, press the OPC button which turns the dashboard lighting to red, adjusts the FlexRide dampers to their hardest ride setting, hardens the steering, makes the gear changes faster and tightens the seat bolsters to keep you firmly in your seat.

Drop the throttle in this mode, and you will enter a different dimension and experience why this car lapped the famous Nürburgring circuit in just over eight minutes. It’s a car that demands you drive it fast and hard.

In my time spent with the OPC, I have never seen a car attracting so much attention, from young adults to traffic officials – they all seemed to stop and stare... It is driving and performance nirvana at its absolute best.

To book your test drive, call 082 825 5477 or visit Williams Hunt Uitenhage, today.