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Bloodhound SCC to make pitstop at Scifest Africa

Mar 23, 2015
Bloodhound SCC to make pitstop at Scifest Africa

A model replica of the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car (SCC), which is being developed with the aim of surpassing the current world land speed record, will be making a pitstop at Scifest Africa in Grahamstown.

The show car, built on an aluminium frame by a South African yacht building company, will display a cross section of the Bloodhound for show-and-tell purposes and will allow visitors to inspect the interior of the cockpit. The British High Commission is sponsoring the visit of the project team and the modular show car which will be on display near the car park of the Monument where the bulk of Scifest Africa events take place.

The Bloodhound SCC

The Bloodhound SCC, measuring just over 13m long and 3.2m  tall at the tip of its tail, is a guaranteed show stopper as its spectacular aerodynamic shape and imposing size always attract motor heads and curious children.  

Driven by Andy Green, Bloodhound will attempt to reach a top speed of 1 690km/h, or just over 1 000 miles per hour, at Hakskeenpan in the Northern Cape.

The current record is 763 miles per hour, also held by Andy Green, but driving for a different consortium.

Scifest Africa

One of the custom built 95kg wheels will also be on display at Scifest Africa. Each wheel is forged from solid aluminium so that it can sustain a force of up to  50,000 Gs at the rim.

This amazing vehicle will have three powerful engines to help it along its way as it tears across Hakskeen Pan in the Northern Cape.

The game is based on science and mathematics questions and uses a poster about South Africa and the Bloodhound SCC as a resource

It has Jaguar Supercharged V8 engine serving as the auxiliary power unit to deliver 800 litres of fuel to the rocket in just 20 seconds - equal to forty litres per second. The car also has a custom built rocket engine and a sophisticated military turbofan jet normally found on a Eurofighter Typhoon.

The Bloodhound SCC team is not only about breaking records. It is fully committed to sharing knowledge gained from the programme and to teaching children about the science behind the car’s design.

As part of their commitment to education and having fun at the same time, the Bloodhound project will be launching a brand new Bloodhound board game at Scifest Africa.

The game is based on science and mathematics questions and uses a poster about South Africa and the Bloodhound SCC as a resource.  It is designed for primary and secondary school pupils but can be played by everyone from nine to 99.

The British High Commission in South Africa will be sponsoring other high profile events including an action packed demonstration lecture about the Chemistry of Light. Crammed with plenty of booms and flashes, the show presented by Dr Peter Wothers MBE, celebrates the 2015 International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies while exploring how over the centuries, humans used the elements to light their way.

Dr Stephen Ashworth from the University of East Anglia is a firm favourite with Scifest Africa audiences and he is back this year with more dramatic chemistry and spectacular concoctions.

He transforms everyday chemicals and household items into an explosive chemistry set that he uses to blow things up, rip stuff apart and create new materials.  

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