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Blue Crane Route Municipality to upgrade Cookhouse’s Bhongweni Sports ground

Sep 1, 2014
Blue Crane Route Municipality to upgrade Cookhouse’s Bhongweni Sports ground

In October, the Blue Crane Route Local Municipality said it was looking to appoint a contractor on a project to upgrade Bhongweni Sports ground in Cookhouse.

“The upgrading of the Bhongweni Sports ground is essential because the communities of Cookhouse currently do not have decent sport facilities and as a result they find themselves having to travel to Somerset East to play the tournaments,” explained Kwazi Mcetywa in the Blue Crane Route Local Municipality’s Technical Services Department.

 “Bhongweni location does not have a sports field; it relies on a dilapidated structure and dusty grounds - which used to be a proper sports field. The other part of the town relies on an undeveloped field next to the N10 road.”

Mcetywa said that the sports field needs new fencing, an ablution block with change rooms for both men and women, a covered pavilion stand, a guard house for security purposes, soccer and rugby fields, grass as well as a subsoil drainage system on the two pitches.

“The community of Cookhouse will enjoy the benefit of utilising a national standard and a decent sport facility. It is an opportunity for the youth to discover their sport-talent and empower Cookhouse through sport,” he described.

Mcetywa also said that the Blue Crane Route Local Municipality has budgeted R4.5 million for the upgrading of the sports field and adjacent parks for 2014/15 financial year. He did not say how many employment opportunities could be created by the project for locals but said; “Labour intensive construction methods were considered during the preparation of the designs in order to maximise the work opportunities during the construction phase.”