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Bobani survived third attempt to remove him from position as Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor

Apr 10, 2019
Bobani survived third attempt to remove him from position as Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor

Mongameli Bobani survived third motion of no confidence

Port Elizabeth -  Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Mongameli Bobani, on Tuesday survived the motion of no confidence brought against him by the Patriotic Alliance's (PA) Marlon Daniels and supported by the African Christian Democratic Party's (ACDP) Lance Grootboom.

Things began with Nelson Mandela Bay Council Speaker, Byelwa Mafaya, telling Councillors that the speaker may disallow a motion, which has already being dealt with over the past three months saying ti should be reffered to the Rules and Ethics committee. She said that the Daniels motion of no confidence, thus, would not be heard.

Daniels, however, agreed that the Council Meeting is run by the Speaker, but she is wrong and trying to use her powers to protect the Bobani.

He argued that the previous failed attempt to remove Bobani was a motion of exigency and this a motion of no confidence - which was already on her agenda, so cannot be summarily be disallowed.

Opposition parties agreed.

The African National Congress' (ANC), Andile Lugisa, chipped in saying the Speaker cannot change the rules during the day.

"Let us debate the item before us and vote because it won't go anywhere."

As Council adjourned for five minutes, Daniels warned Mafaya; "I'm not happy with you. The next motion is coming for you."

Marlon Daniels appeals to Councillors to agree to remove Mongameli Bobani from Mayorship

When Councillors returned, Mafaya announced that she had met with the Chief Whips of the parties and while her rule was effective immediately, she had agreed to allow Daniels's motion against Bobani.

Daniels proceeded to table his motion arguing that Bobani as Mayor can no longer be trusted.

He told Councillors, the agreement when the then DA-led coalition government was booted out of office was that the minority parties in the Bay, including Bobani's United Democratic Movement (UDM) would run the Bay. However, that did not happen as Bobani entered into an ANC-dominated coalition.

"Lungisa is the Councillor who has elevated himself to the position of the executive mayor and Bobani as the subservient," Daniels claimed.

He added that there is no way the HAWKS would go to Bobani’s house and speak to the media, if they nothing solid against Bobani -  he cannot be trusted.

Daniels said that it was high time the Nelson Mandela Bay gets a new Executive Mayor.

The ACDP's Grootboom seconded the motion saying that Bobani makes headlines every week - "and not for service delivery, but looting".

He said that not removing Bobani would mean the Council was accepting corruption.

The DA's Nqaba Bhanga said also argued that Bobani has stolen from the poor and he must go.

"They steal everyday, they pass contracts everyday," he said.

"This coalition has brought back all those officials, who stole from the City."

He promised Bobani was destined for St Albans Prison.

The Congress of the People's (COPE), Siyasanga Sijadu, told Councillors how Daniels now wanted Council to join him to fix the "mess" he created in the first place.

She said every Councillor, who would vote against the motion, was supporting criminality in the Bay.

Sijadu also appealed to the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to also jump ship and vote for Bobani's removal.

ANC and EFF come to Mongameli Bobani's defence

However, the ANC - through Councillor Queenie Pink, hit back saying that if anyone deserves a motion of no confidence, it was Daniels himself.

"Councillor Bobani was never charged and until he is, maybe we can think otherwise," Pinkie argued.

The ANC's Mkhuseli Mtsila also asked why Bobani has not been arrested if indeed the HAWKS have a solid case against him.

He accused the DA of using newspaper headlines to prosecute the Mayor.

Lungisa agreed that there was now a trial of Bobani by the public through the media - thanks to the DA and the HAWKS.

The EFF's Lukhanyo Mrara told Coincil that the PA and ACDP in Metro is being used by the DA to drive their own agenda.

He said unless the EFF was presented with evidence of Boabni's wrong-doing, then they would not support a motion against him.

Mrara said that the EFF knew what they were doing when they supported efforts to remove the DA from power and they will do the same with Bobani when the time is right - for now, they are urging him to deliver to the people.

After Daniels gave his closing responses to the speakers, his motion was subsequently defeated. This was the third attempt by opposition parties to remove him.

Mongameli Bobani remains Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor.

After Tuesday's meeting, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Council went on recess as Councillors will campaign for their respective parties ahead of the upcoming 2019 National and Provincial Elections.

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