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BODY HEALTH STATUS: The eyes reveal it at Soft Touch Wellbeing

By Angela Lund - Jul 31, 2014
BODY HEALTH STATUS: The eyes reveal it at Soft Touch Wellbeing

Iridologists say the eyes are the windows into the body’s state of health. So, I recently visited Usha at Soft Touch Wellbeing Health Wellness and Detox Centre in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, to find out about my current state of health.

After being warmly greeted and sat down, Usha started by explaining what Iridology is about as well as how it is done. She said Iridologists can distinguish between healthy systems and organs in the body and those that are overactive, inflamed, or distressed, just by examining the patterns, colours, and other characteristics on the eye’s iris.

She then used a specialised camera to take photos of my eyes – the technique takes only a second and is non-intrusive. These photos were highly magnified on a computer screen. Usha looked for abnormal patterns and colorations and explained her observations with reference to an iris chart.

According to her, this chart divides the iris into zones that correspond to specific parts of the human body. Any deviance from the chart indicated health issues.

An Iridology analysis will show the root causes of ailments, the strengths and weaknesses of all organ systems and tissues within the body as well as your body’s circulation, digestion, glandular, muscular, lymphatic, reproductive, stress and the nervous systems.

Afterwards, Usha, also an expert in diet, exercise, supplements and detox treatments, advised me on how to achieve better health. She recommended that I start with a Reflexology treatment to stimulate my endocrine glands to restore proper nerve function, blood supply and body relaxation.

Since your feet are also linked to every organ and system in your body, it made perfect sense. By gently applying pressure to specific areas on my feet, Usha was in actual fact energising and awakening the matching organ or system.

The Reflexology treatment, which Usha described as “the Crème de la crème” of all her treatments, is also known to promote better health through relieving the body of stress, headaches and joint pains as well as through improving the immune system and increasing energy.

I later left Soft Touch Wellbeing feeling restored, relaxed and re-energised. I will also be taking her advice on dietary changes seriously and will be returning to try Usha’s other health and wellness treatments.

To see what Iridology can say about your state of health now, and to book Usha’s other alternative medicine treatments, call 041 365 2762 or visit Soft Touch Wellbeing Health Wellness and Detox Centre at 54/4th Avenue, Newton Park in Port Elizabeth.