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Boomtown to propel Propella brand

Nov 8, 2017
Boomtown to propel Propella brand

Boomtown is working with Port Elizabeth-based business incubator, Propella to enhance the brand and move it towards its own corporate objectives.

Following a series of workshops, Boomtown has created a brand positioning for Propella, and consolidating its corporate identity, with the roll-out to commence early 2018.

“We love working with, and supporting SMEs in the Bay and allowing them to realise their potential,” remarks Boomtown MD Andrew MacKenzie.

“Partnering with Propella, means not only will it benefit from an improved brand positioning, but the businesses it works with will also have a greater chance of success when we share our insights with them and guide them on their growth path.”

Speaking about the partnership, Anita Palmer, the business incubation manager for Propella, adds: “We have a bold vision for supporting the successful development and sustainability of new innovation-based businesses and being the first choice for the commercialisation of smart products and services in our region. The work we’re doing with Boomtown will go a long way to moving us in the right strategic direction and assist us in achieving our far reaching objectives.

“The offer as well from Boomtown to assist and guide our entrepreneurs in developing their brand from the outset offers an invaluable platform for a start-up business to begin their entrepreneurial journey  will without a doubt play a pivotal role  in boosting businesses in the Bay.”