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Boost your battery on the go with APC’s Mobile Power Packs from DCC

By Supplied - Dec 9, 2014
Boost your battery on the go with APC’s Mobile Power Packs from DCC

Charge your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere with new APC Mobile Power Packs from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). Available in two models, these power packs deliver up to four full charges on a full battery and enable two USB devices to be charged simultaneously, keeping you connected whilst on the move. 

“Smartphones and tablets have become essential in our everyday lives, and running out of battery power while away from a charger is many users’ worst nightmare. With the APC Mobile Power Packs you can charge your device wherever you need to, leveraging the legendary reliability of APC to keep you up and running at all times,” says Elrica Quick, APC Product Specialist at DCC.

The APC Mobile Power Packs enable a simultaneously charge for smart devices via two USB ports: a 2.4-amp charging port ideal for tablets and a 1-amp charging port ideal for smartphones. They feature a lightweight, compact design with a lithium-polymer battery and are available in two models in black and white casings. The M5 Mobile Power Pack offers a 5000 milliampere-hour (mAh) capacity battery that enables two full smartphone charges or half a tablet charge. The M10 Mobile Power Pack offers a 10000mAh battery that delivers four full charges for smartphones or a single full charge for a tablet. The power packs can also be used to charge MP3 players, eReaders, digital cameras and other USB-chargeable devices.

An LED battery indicator with push-button display shows available battery life at a glance, while efficient charging saves battery life and energy by automatically shutting down when the connected devices are fully charged. The power packs also feature over-temperature protection, which safeguards the unit and battery from damage by automatically powering down when the battery temperature is above the safe operating range. Additional protection includes over-charging protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection and overload protection to ensure the longevity of the power pack.

“APC’s Mobile Power Packs are the perfect companion for mobile workers and road warriors, students, frequent travellers and anyone who has ever wished they could boost their device’s battery on the go,” Quick concludes.

The APC Mobile Power Packs feature a full two-year warranty and are available immediately from resellers and leading retailers. 


Photo courtesy of www.importenet.com.br