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Border-Kei Chamber of Business and other stakeholders launch Call-2Action Programme

By Yolanda Palezweni - Jun 5, 2017
Border-Kei Chamber of Business and other stakeholders launch Call-2Action Programme

The Border-Kei Chamber of Business, in collaboration with Buffalo City Metro (BCM) and Buffalo City Metropolitan Development Agency (BCMDA), on Monday officially launched the Call-2-Action initiative, which aims to clean the city and grow employment within the city at the Mercedes Benz Learning Academy.

The initiative also aims to encourage recycling waste and attracts businesses and more investors in the BCM.

Addressing delegates at the launch, Buffalo City Metro Municipality Executive Mayor, Xola Pakati, said that the Call-2-Action initiative will contribute to economic growth in the city and also improve its image.

“This Call-2-Action initiative will be a platform to alleviate poverty through job creation for our unemployed youth in the metro,” said Executive Mayor Pakati.

He added that the municipality, working together with business, will improve the city and attract investors. Thus, he urged everyone to work together to change and make Buffalo City a better place for everyone.

Also speaking at the launch, Border-Kei Chamber of Business Executive Director, Les Holbrook, said that the initiative aims to develop relationships between local businesses and the BCM.

“We are faced with a challenge in our city and if we can all play our role effectively, we can make the BCM a better improved city with great opportunities,” said Holbrook.

He added that, in order to improve the city the initiative should start at hotspots for visitors to attract them.

“We have already started with Settlers Way, which we believe is the first step from the airport, from there we are going to take it to Quigney, Eastern Beach, shopping centres and the main road to make sure our city is clean and attractive,” he described.

As part of the initiative, Holbrook said parents are encouraged to help their kids understand recycling.

“This initiative also serves as an educational platform; we encourage parents to give school children recyclable waste to school so that we can collect the waste, and  that will also be learning curve of  better lifestyle to the kids,” said Holbrook.

He added that the project is not just once-off occasion, but involves many stakeholders, who are hoping that it will expand and reach all the municipalities of the Buffalo City Metro.

“We hoping this to be a visible project, it’s been eight months it started at Setters Way already it looks better, we hope the project expand o the four hotspots and more,” described Holbrook.

Also speaking at the launch, from one of major sponsors, Mercedes-Benz South Africa (MBSA), Barry Canning, said that they fully support the initiative and hope it will strengthen its relationship with the municipality  and develop the city.

“Mercedes-Benz is going nowhere, so it wise to invest in the community and improve lives of those living in the community,” said Canning.

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