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BOUNTIFUL BUFFET DINING: Hard-pressed on a decision at Summerstrand Hotel

BOUNTIFUL BUFFET DINING: Hard-pressed on a decision at Summerstrand Hotel

I recently hit that awkward blank in the kitchen and could not decide on what to cook for dinner. “It probably happens to every mum,” I assured myself, but when it persisted, I decided that I probably needed a night off.

So, after a quick table booking, I bundled up the family into our car and headed for Summerstrand Hotel, whose family buffet meals I had heard so much about.

We arrived at the hotel, just in time to admire a magnificent sunset through the pool lounge’s floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Very soon though, my son was lured into the hotel’s restaurant by the savoury smells of the food that was being served that evening.

Following after him, I was taken aback by how spacious the Summerstrand Hotel restaurant is. The dining area can easily seat up to 160 people and still leave ample room for free movement. The deco, lighting and layout of the tables gave an impression of grandeur and elegance.

We first took a tour of the buffet for the children and their eyes told the entire story. They had a very hard time picking and choosing what they would like to start with. The hardest part, I think, was for them to not start with the tempting cakes that were also on offer.

Once we were all seated and attended to by the hotels super-efficient and friendly staff, we started eating. Needless to say the food was more than we had expected; each dish was well-cooked, delicious and bursting with flavour.

Our tummies full, we confirmed that we had Eno’s before tackling the dessert tables. On offer were cheese cake, jellies, mini-cakes and ice creams with all kinds of toppings. By the time we had finished our dinner, we unanimously agreed that the Satis Restaurant would be our family’s solution whenever mum is hit by the ‘chef-block’.

The hotel’s atmosphere oozes passion and happiness which comes through in the food and is an amazing experience to enjoy. It is no wonder the staff retention is so good. Some of their staff members said they have been working there from the days when Summerstrand Hotel was Holiday Inn, over 10 years ago.

I can highly recommend you experience the Satis Restaurant dinning pleasure. The restaurant is open daily from 6.30 till 10:00 for breakfast (Sundays 07:00-10:30) and again in the evenings from 18:30 till 23h00. Booking is essential and at just R125 per person excluding drinks, the hotel is well worth a visit.

For a booking, call 041 583 3131.