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Bradbury Protection Services clears Framesby’s streets, warns of how waste bags can attract crime

By Marc Jacobson - Jun 5, 2017
Bradbury Protection Services clears Framesby’s streets, warns of how waste bags can attract crime

Bradbury Protection Services, launched just in 2016 as ‘neighbourhood watchdogs’ in the suburb of Framesby specifically, took it upon themselves to hire trailers and collect residential refuse in the suburb during the recent municipal garbage strike that occurred over the last two weeks.

Since getting into gear in combatting criminalization in the area, crime figures have dropped to almost nothing and John Abbott of Bradbury Protection Services warned that this was not out of goodwill, but rather a connection to crime prevention.

Crime Prevention, through environmental design, seeks to address causes of crime, other than the purely known activators such as alcohol abuse, poverty, etc.” addressed Abbott on the company’s Facebook page.

“BPS attempted to deter criminality by providing an environment that is not conducive to crime. By removing the waste bags and not letting it remain at the residence over the weekend, BPS has removed items that attract people who might go through the waste,” Abbott added.

Abbott said that it was also important to note that the removal of the waste bags in Framesby was not to deter those who are destitute and have no other means of living, but rather “those that will use their presence as “camouflage” to do hostile surveillance on homes for potential home invasions or break-ins.”

“A patrolling Security would find it difficult to distinguish between the person scratching the bags out of need, and a person who is loitering in the area to do surveillance on potential targets for possible house breaking.”

He added that criminals can gain some much-needed insight and understanding of residents, their possessions and even their weaknesses through trash observation.

“Criminals require information on potential targets to give them the best possible change of success. A clean environment contributes to a social cohesiveness, ownership and content living,”

To summarize and advise, Abbott provided a breakdown for the measures that residents must try and adhere to for crime prevention, not just in Framesby, but in all areas of living.

Abbott’s pointers are as follows:

* The packaging material for the newly bought TV, tells the criminal that you have just purchased a valuable item and therefore could also have cash at home. 

* The unopened mail with your name on it, can tell him who you are, and even provide the criminal with confidential information about you. 
* By carefully collecting the different addressed mail pieces, the criminal could determine how many people live at the premises. 
* Your unopened cell phone bill could provide them the contact details of you and those that you know.

To prevent any of the above-mentioned residents are advised to rather:

* Cut up large boxes into smaller pieces and place this in waste bags. 
* Tear-up unopened mail and make sure that the mail that could contain confidential information is destroyed to the extend that your details cannot easily be obtained from it.
* Do not let waste bags stay overnight, but rather place it out the morning of the collection. Stack-up bags at certain points along the street to avoid the criminal determining which house the waste came from.

Image: Bradbury Protection Services collecting refuse in Framesby's streets last week.