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Braveheart with Red Lipstick: a book about one woman's brave fight with breast cancer

By Afikile Lugunya - Dec 7, 2017
Braveheart with Red Lipstick:  a book about one woman's brave fight with breast cancer

East London-born and former newspaper columnist, Kazeka Mashologu Kuse, recently launched her book titled Braveheart with Red Lipstick, which talks about her journey as a cancer patient since the day she found a lump in her right breast in March 2016.

The book was officially launched at an event held on the 19th of November at the Tramways building, in Port Elizabeth, where Kuse also gave away a goodie bag with red lipstick inside, which she said she found comfort in while she laid on a hospital bed hoping for a miracle.

Braveheart with Red Lipstick takes the reader to the day Kuse discovered that she had an unusual lump in her right breast. The only words that the doctors told her were; “Your results are inconclusive”, and takes the reader through her emotions as she desperately wanted to know what that meant.

After four months of waiting and praying for a miracle, Braveheart with Red Lipstick describes how she was once again left uncertain about her future as she was again informed that results were 95% inclusive that cancer had formed in her right breast.

“Going to church and touching the right breast while the pastor prayed and saying; 'By His [Jesus] stripes I am healed', still after four months, the doctor told me that the results were still inconclusive and the best solution at the time was to undergo surgery,” Kuse described.

In the book there’s a passage where she describes how she reached for her red lipstick as she wore a hospital gown.

"I don’t know what possess me, but I reach for my handbag and began scrambling for my mini cosmetic bag with hand cream, lip gloss and red lipstick. I have a light pink gloss that I use when the weather is burning hot and the red hot lip stick that I use when it is cold. The latter one oozes that femme-fatale-Hollywood-style sex appeal confidence…Guess which one put on?...Yep, you guessed it – the red hot one. It’s the kind of lipstick you wear with a cocktail dress or evening gown, but am now adorning it with the most unattractive hospital gown."

The desire to look beautiful didn’t end even when she knew death was knocking on her door.

As Kuse shares in Braveheart with Red Lipstick, she had watched cancer take away her mother, and for that reason she told her self that she would survive.

Braveheart with Red Lipstick lives to tell the tale and is meant to inspire young and old women, who have succumbed to breast cancer.