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Buffalo City Mayor hands over food parcels to Duncan Village fire victims

JANUARY 11, 2016
Buffalo City Mayor hands over food parcels to Duncan Village fire victims

Duncan Village fire victims received food parcels over the festive season from the Metro’s Executive Mayor Alfred Mtsi following a fire that engulfed their shacks.

Mtsi visited the area and promised victims who lost everything with something to cheer them up in the festive season.

The fire also burnt down a nearby crèche closer to the Duncan Village Post Office.

Addressing the victims, the Executive Mayor Alfred Mtsi said that he feels for them and that he is glad there were no reports of loss of lives.

“Your heartache is our heartache. We are aware of the living conditions and the density of the shacks and as the Metro we are trying by all means to deliver services to you.”

He added that the Metro has plans in place to change living conditions for people who live in informal settlements throughout the Metro.

“There are plans to change the living conditions of our people. We have built houses for people but because of land issues we end up building these house far away from town and that has become an issue with the beneficiaries,” said Mtsi.

However, he pleaded with the people to move when they receive their houses as they will have better living conditions in their new homes.

“Those houses are of good quality and we encourage beneficiaries of those houses to go and live in their new homes as they provide better conditions and better lives.”

He also mentioned that through the Ward Councillor Clara Morolong, the Metro will also help with school uniforms and also help facilitate the process of getting new Identity Documents (ID) for those who have lost their IDs.