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Buffalo City Metro electricity project targets izinyoka

By Yolanda Palezweni - Oct 13, 2017
Buffalo City Metro electricity project targets izinyoka

The Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality on Thursday launched a project that will ensure that the residents of Manyano, in the Mount Ruth area of Mdantsane, East London, have access to electricity.

This follows after several complaints by the Mount Ruth residents to the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality about izinyoka (illegal electricity connections) continuously killing children in the area.

Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality Executive Mayor, Xola Pakati, said that they have received a number of complaints from the residents about children dying from izinyoka in Mount Ruth area.

“Today, we’ve decided to install the electricity in household to try to combat izinyoka considering the safety of our children,” said Executive Mayor Pakati.

He added that it is the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality’s commitment to deliver services to the people of the municipality and they will continue to deliver.

“We have built houses for our people and now we are in a process to install electricity into those houses as part of service delivery,” said Pakati.

He added that the next step is to upgrade roads for the people of Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality, just as the municipality promised local residents.

Speaking to RNEWS, Manyano Councillor, Nomonde Moyikwa, said that the installation of electricity started in August and according to the constructors, they’ll be done in November 2017.

She added that, so far, almost 168 houses have had electricity being installed.

“The issue of not having electricity in this area was a troubling because everyday people would come to my house and complain of robberies, load shedding and izinyoka happening in this area,” said Moyikwa.

She thanked the Executive Mayor and the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality as a whole for the project.

Also speaking to RNEWS, Manyano resident, Nomachina Gobotiti said that she is grateful to the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality for the installation of electricity as izinyoka had become a huge problem.

“The government have provided us with beautiful dignified houses, and we thankful for that, now that they install electricity is a blessing,” said Gobotini.

As part of the launch proceedings, the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality hosted a mass meeting at NU5 in Mdantsane to announce the installation of electricity in informal settlements to try and combat izinyoka.

According to the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality, the installation of electricity will begin in Gwentshe and Hani Park informal settlements in Mdantsane.

Mayor Pakati said that the process of building houses takes time and in the meantime people need electricity.

“We are installing the electricity in informal settlements because we want to encourage people that izinyoka are dangerous and a number of people, including children, are dying because of it,” he said.

He added that he understands the pain of not having electricity and, as the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality, they’ll make sure every resident in informal settlements has electricity.

Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality Portfolio Head for Infrastructure Services, Ncedo Kumbaca, echoed him and said that the project will start at Gwentshe and Hani Park informal settlements then procced to all the informal settlements.

He assured the residents that by 14 December, the project will be done in those informal settlements.

“We want to combat izinyoka in informal settlements and reduce the number of deaths from them,” said Kumbaca.





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