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Buffalo City Metro launches system to fast track property applications

May 31, 2016
Buffalo City Metro launches system to fast track property applications

The Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality recently launched an Integrated Property Information Management System (IPIMS) which is set to enable departments to fast track property applications as well as address the issue of deadlines and clearly give indication of exactly where the bottleneck is.

Acting General Manager Property Management Siphiwo Bam said, “Today the Information Technology and the GIS sections launched the IPIMS which will help the institution run effectively.”

“Initially the previous approach that we used in the past was manual in the sense that we would receive applications, write down information and send for circulation. With this new system everything will be integrated and it will shorten the time taken for business process.”

He also said the system will help shorten the time spent on processing application by seven days.

“In the past it took normally 21 days to process information and it has shorten the process to14 days and now comments can be received within seven days.”

The system will run across eight distinct processes and across three departments in BCMM which are City Planning, Land Administration and Building and Architecture.

IPIMS will also help community members track the status of their applications online on the following when the system goes live on the City’s website:

  • Property use change
  • Rezoning application
  • Lease management
  • New building plan application
  • Application for Sub-division
  • Sale of land
  • Land acquisition
  • Property subdivision
  • Deeds integrations

Speaking about the system GIS Co-ordinator Fezeka Bokveldt said the system initially started in 2012 with data alignment to test the system.

She said the system will help the Metro in identifying discrepancies, gaps and inaccurate property information within non-financial property databases or information systems and with the following:

  • The development of data clean-up schedule to assist the affected departments with correcting data;
  • Investigating of existing property business process to ensure property information integration;
  • Identifying gaps within the existing methodology;
  • Rules and database management to future capturing of property data and design and
  • Develop an efficient property business process to ensure property information integration.

Bokveldt said the main aim of implementing the system was that property information is one of the main datasets within GIS and it needed to be linked, integrated and managed with non GIS property information and systems.

“Property forms a basis of all municipal planning, engineering services, rates and billing so it was important to have a cadastral layer that is a spatial representation of property information as per the surveyor general approved diagrams where it can also be spatially verified.”

System Business Analyst from Data World Phila Dlamini said that the system will also incorporates all the departments within the Metro.

 “IPIMS will help speed up the process of applications. The applicants who apply will be able to log on to the system using their reference number and be able to check or track the status of their application. The system will also be integrated with the billing system, property system and the call centre,” said Dlamini.

The link for the system is