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Buffalo City Municipality gears up for Level 4 lockdown

May 4, 2020
Buffalo City Municipality gears up for Level 4 lockdown

East London - After a citywide disinfection program in the public spaces, the Buffalo City Municipality announced that it has started with the process of looking within.

"The disinfection of the City’s Municipal buildings has taken place throughout the weekend in line with the level 4 lockdown changes," the Metro said.

"Decontaminations have been done in Municipal buildings, halls, offices, libraries, vehicles, parking lots etc

"In line with level 4 lockdown, management has decided that not all Municipal employees must return to work tomorrow except those that are part of essential services as well as critical services that will serve the public."

It added that this includes the list consist of all essential services which were permitted to work during level 5 lockdown, including sections like revenue management, ICT, Communications, LED, HR and SCM etc

"The Municipality has been screening and testing employees who were on duty during level 5 lockdown.

"All returning BCMM employees are expected to undergo COVID 19 screening and testing before resuming duties on Monday 4 May," it added.

"During level 5 lockdown, Personal Protective Equipments were distributed to Departments who had employees working in all three regions (Coastal, Midland and Inland).

"These were in the form of Sanitizers, Boxes Surgical Gloves, Masks, Leather gloves, Household Gloves (Clean - up campaign).

"Supervisors were provided with a day’s supply of the PPE for their staff every morning before heading to their respective workstations for street cleansing and for each team in a truck. This will also continue in Level 4 lockdown.

"The Municipality is urging its employees to practice social distances, wear masks and sanitize regularly."

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