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Bungle on R165 million project delays job creation in Hankey: DA

Jun 4, 2018
Bungle on R165 million project delays job creation in Hankey: DA

Poor planning and even worse workmanship have contributed to the people of Hankey not benefiting from a R165 million government project, which was supposed to create much needed job opportunities, says the Democratic Alliance (DA).

"The completion of the Sarah Baartman Remembrance Centre, of which construction started in April 2014, has now been delayed by almost two years. The completion date of October 2016 is long gone and during an oversight inspection today, I was informed this date has now been moved to May 2019," described Malcolm Figg MP - DA Tsitsikamma-Kouga Constituency Leader.

"The original contractor ran into money problems and ceded the project to another contractor in October 2017. Unrest due to workers not being paid by the first contractor had in the past caused numerous delays and I was told today the project is now only between 60% and 70% complete. But I have seen very little progress since I visited the site two years ago."

Figg said that shoddy workmanship and the ceding of the contract will now lead to a budget increase.

"At this stage quantity surveyors are still calculating how many more millions of the people’s money will be poured into this debacle.

"During an oversight inspection today I have seen very little evidence of a project warranting the spending of R165 million and I am also very sceptical of the alleged job opportunities this project is supposed to create," he added.

"The Department of Arts and Culture stated that during the construction phase 1 000 jobs would be created and after completion 34 people would be permanently employed, but yesterday only 110 people were actively working on site. It seems, that contrary to the department’s promises, not many poor people are benefitting from this project."

Figg said that the ANC government is failing the impoverished and unemployed people of Hankey.

"This centre can entice tourist to visit the town and can create many more indirect job opportunities."