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Bunkering Services take off at Algoa Bay

Aug 23, 2018
Bunkering Services take off at Algoa Bay

MEC Mabuyane welcomes South African owned, black women managed company

“This is the best women’s months present, we have been longing for and finally we have received it in a strategic sector of our economy,” highlighted the MEC for Finance, Economic Development and Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Lubabalo Mabuyane upon learning that South African Marine Fuels PTY Ltd (SAMF) is a South African owned, black women managed company.

The comments by the MEC formed part of his opening remarks at the commissioning of Bunkering Services held at the Coega Development Corporation (CDC) Business Centre Tuesday.

"The entry of SA Marine Fuels into the offshore bunkering industry signals the winds of change in our province in as far the Ocean Economy,” added Mabuyane.

The Eastern Cape hosts the only port in the whole of South Africa that has licensed offshore Bunkering operations. Durban, Cape Town, Richards Bay are all well-known ports to the global shipping and industries however, Algoa Bay is now firmly a leading Bunker and ship Service Provider to a wider market – not restricted by port calling ships but general passing traffic.

Algoa Bay’s well positioned as a stopover en-route to various destinations. The bay is located just a few miles off the heavily trafficked shipping lanes and busy East –West routes. Aside from the Fuel Oil supply from the Bunker barges – ship owners also use other services available.

“Since the beginning of our operations, the project has experienced significant progress and has managed to amass an experienced crew, which comprises of transport, lodging, vessel supplies and technical services” Siyamthanda Maya the Managing Director of the South African Marine Fuels highlighted. 

“Currently we have three barges, which are charted and operated by the South African Marine Fuels. This is important because when operations are managed and directed locally this ensures that the industry and expertise are fully introduced to the country.

“This industry over the past three years has been breeding positive results, which promote sustainable growth; this was also made possible through the active contribution of associated services happening around bunkering, like the increase in ship chandlers as well as shipping agencies, which have increased employment, directly adding value to this province,” she continued.

Ms. Maya concluded saying, “To ensure the country`s sustainable growth as well as transformation it is important to invest in skills development and skills transfer, which is why we ensure that our employees under go thorough training and skills development programs, to actively contribute to the development of this country.

"Currently, our company has four employees and 50% of them are black females, through investment in active mentorship programs and skills transfer this province can unlock many opportunities.”

Launch of bunkering Services: SA Marine Fuels Managing-Director, Ms. Siyamthanda Maya (left) and MEC for Finance, Economic Development and Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Mr. Lubabalo Mabuyane (right).