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BURGER KING calls on kids to defend the King: New Augmented Reality Game launches at restaurants

Dec 19, 2016
BURGER KING calls on kids to defend the King: New Augmented Reality Game launches at restaurants

Look out for the mines and be careful of those robots, The King needs to be defended, and it’s up to your children – or you – to save him.  With BURGER KING®, there’s tonnes of entertainment for kids as its newly launched augmented reality game, Defend The King, will have them jumping around and twitching in their seat as they swipe away robots and collect crowns while they play.

Not only will kids be collecting digital crowns as they Defend the King, they will be doing their bit for the environment as BURGER KING® did away with plastic toys from 5 December 2016 in an effort to ‘go green’ and tap into an ever-changing digital age.

It’s a bold step for the leader in quick service restaurants (QSR) as many guests buy these meals especially for the plastic toys. “Moving away from toys is an initiative from BURGER KING® to cut down on plastic that will end up in a landfill by finding a solution that is kinder to the environment,” says Ezelna Jones, BURGER KING® Marketing Executive. “We also live in a digital age so working with BizAR Reality, we developed a game that’s engaging and interactive. Kids will be swiping the enemy away and collecting crowns in order to Defend the King.”

The game is a mobile application listed on the Android Google Playstore, as well as the Apple App Store, and can be downloaded for free.  Users gain access to the game by scanning the game marker in the restaurant with their Smart Phone after buying a BURGER KING® Junior Meal.  With between 10-15 lives and various levels, your children will be embarking on a never ending arcade style game that gradually gets more difficult as time goes on.

How does it work:

  • Once you have downloaded the game and purchased any BURGER KING® Meal, hit play.
  • When the game is initiated, it activates a live feed to your phones camera.
  • Using this feed, scan the Defend The King marker in store and roll up your sleeves to get ready to DEFEND THE KING.
  • You will then be rewarded with 15 fresh lives to save the King the first time you play, and 10 lives each time you play thereafter.
  • In the bottom left corner, look out for a radar that will show you where the robots are coming from -you will be able to look around 360? to see them coming.
  • It is your mission to swipe at the robots to destroy them, avoid the mines, and remember to tap a crown to keep your health up.
  • Lost all of your lives? Scan the BURGER KING® marker in store once more, and see if you can get further this time.
  • You may just be at the top of the leader board soon. Good luck!

Richard Melvin from BizAR Reality says augmented reality games for kids is growing tenfold, “BURGER KING® is one of the first brands to understand and embrace the benefits of these games for kids. Most are already tech savvy and generally looking for something that is fresh, exciting and entertaining while enabling them to still be aware of their surroundings instead of lost in a screen.“

The games are designed to be short, and easy to play.   Defend The King is the first game to be launched with new games planned for 2017.

Apple Store link: Apple Store

Android Google Play Store: Google Play

To find out more about BURGER KING® South Africa, call 080 WHOPPER (080 946 7737) or visit www.burgerking.co.za. Or follow the Facebook page and Twitter accounts.