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BURGER KING® swaps out bad lunches for a free WHOPPER®

Nov 8, 2016
BURGER KING® swaps out bad lunches for a free WHOPPER®

Making global history, BURGER KING® South Africa announced that it will swap out disappointing lunches for a WHOPPER® at no cost to consumers on two separate days in November, the first being today, 8 November 2016. 

With over 300 million photographs of food on Instagram alone, the world famous burger chain is encouraging the existing practise of sharing images of food, but with a twist: only images of simple and unpalatable meals will be considered for a WHOPPER® #Swhopper voucher.

Ezelna Jones, Marketing Executive for BURGER KING® South Africa says swapping out a meal in order to receive a WHOPPER® has never been done by BURGER KING® before. “South Africa will be the first BURGER KING® internationally to reward consumers who receive simple or disappointing meals for lunch. The call for photos further emphasises that feeling of food envy that we have coined WHOPPER® Envy - when someone near you is eating a WHOPPER® and you are not.”

With 221 184 different ways of garnishing your WHOPPER®, the pure beef flame-grilled burger is the number one burger on the menu worldwide and has garnered a cult following thanks to its fresh ingredients and great taste.

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