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Business digitisation as represented through casino evolution

Aug 24, 2018
Business digitisation as represented through casino evolution

The advent and popularisation of the internet have fundamentally shifted the way in which business operates to an unprecedented new place.

Far from the former unavoidable limitations of traditional in-person, mail, or phone sales, this evolution stands as one of the most profound shifts in international business to a more wide-reaching and inclusive model.

While there are many industries which have utilised this progress to expand their brand and property, few traditional businesses have been able to adapt on the level of online casinos. How has this happened, and what is it that has allowed such an apparent ease of success?

Grounded Foundations

Casinos exist as one of the earliest verifiable examples of business. While it was not until the 17th century that European gambling houses started to appear, housed originally in Venice, the history of gambling itself has evidence indicating its existence as far back as 2300BC.

Despite the enormous shifts in culture and technology since that point, the concept of gambling and casinos have remained at the forefront of cultural consciousness.

While a large part of this plays into the enjoyment which we find in games of chance, the industry has also grounded this success in some of the most successful adaptions to each step of advancing technology that mankind has seen.

Avoiding Early Pitfalls

When the internet began to prove itself as a force in the world of industry, as it had so visibly done in the years approaching the new millennium, there was no shortage of excitement and venture into what new opportunities this might represent.

As many attempted to invest in creating new enterprises in this new infrastructure, unproven methodology and overzealous monetisation lead to a sharp drop following the initial boom – commonly known as the dotcom bubble. Yet despite so many other businesses failing, casinos had managed to thrive.

"Dot Com Collapse" (CC BY 2.0) by Kevan

Ease of Translation

Unlike many failed businesses which had heavily invested in the online world, casinos had an advantage. While many traditional businesses simply were not suited or adapted to the digital, the concept of simplified gambling games to run on most systems had no such issue.

Here, early versions of online casinos offered an incredibly accurate experience and one with vastly improved convenience over the traditional land-based casino.

Following Course

As the internet became more streamlined and personal computing devices became more powerful, these online casinos kept growing, improving from what was once relatively simple services into the carefully cultivated and professionally designed experience of today, as illustrated by the likes of popular casino websites such as casino.com, which offers dozens of slots and table games such as roulette, blackjack and more.

Aiding this was the growing dominance of the smartphone, which has become an indispensable part of many lives and shared an even greater suitability to the world on online casinos.

The eagerness with which casino websites take on new technologies has also helped their popularity, with one example being live streamed casino games, which emerged at the same time as popular livestreaming service Twitch.tv.

Understanding Climate

The success of casinos is not unique among the world of online business, but it does illustrate an interesting point in terms of appropriate digitisation. While there have been a great many great winners and losers in the online environment, the overwhelmingly more successful tend to be those that, on some level, are better suited to the ease of translation which modern technology can allow.

This may seem obvious in hindsight, as many early online failed businesses were analogous to fitting a round peg in a square hole, but the success of this industry is very much something which the business world has taken in stride. Suitability can to some degree be forced, but as seen through online casinos, the best-digitised businesses are those for which digital evolution is natural.

Main image: Business Digitisation as Represented Through Casino Evolution