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Business to Business advertising campaign reaches 40 000 decision makers

MARCH 22, 2016
Business to Business advertising campaign reaches 40 000 decision makers

Ricochet Publishing launched its new Business to Business advertising campaign at the start of the year. 

The campaign sees advertisers receive exposure in Business Link magazine, RNews website, RNews email newsletter and RNews Facebook.  The exposure comes in the form of standard adverts as well as articles.

“The combined reach of this campaign is a minimum of 40 000 decision makers. We have planned and implemented this campaign very carefully. Our distribution strategy, sourcing of subscribers and targeting of RNews has ensured that the Eastern Cape’s decision makers are exposed to our advertisers again and again and that we not only grab the attention of these decision makers but also educate them on our advertisers services or products,” says Graeme Lund, owner of Ricochet Publishing.

“We have a very good marketing and advertising team that includes graphic designers, journalists and copywriters and strategists.

“The content of RNews and Business Link is just what our target readership wants - unemotional, accurate and useful information on the business, social, economic, leisure and community situation of the Eastern Cape,” adds Graeme.

He concludes, “In some months RNews will have as many as 100 000 unique users and combine this with the 20 000 RNews email subscribers and a weekly Facebook engagement of 35 000 and it is easy to see why we are confident that over 40 000 decision makers are reached.”