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Busy Christmas weekend for NSRI

DECEMBER 28, 2015
Busy Christmas weekend for NSRI

From shark sightings to false reports of a body floating at sea, and a "missing" woman, the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) had a busy Christmas weekend.

A sea rescue craft was sent out to Klein River, Hermanus, on Sunday following reports that a woman was missing from a boat, NSRI spokesperson Craig Lambinon said.

Police found her walking home. A misunderstanding among the boaters had led to her being left behind.

"It appears that somehow she had gotten off the boat at some point during the day, but was not noticed... missing until the boat reached its destination."

Kabeljous Beach in Jeffreys Bay was temporarily closed on Sunday afternoon after a helicopter pilot saw a shark in the water. NSRI Jeffreys Bay launched a sea rescue craft and beach patrols to warn beach goers and surfers. No further sightings were reported.

On Sunday, the NSRI in Table Bay received a report of a body floating off-shore of the Milnerton lagoon beach. An extensive search revealed no sign of a body. It was considered to have been a false alarm with "good intentions".

On Monday, NSRI East London launched a sea rescue crate to evacuate a 25-year-old sailor from the bulk carrier Mariella Bottiglieri, three nautical miles offshore. The crew reported him injured on Sunday, after he bumped his head and felt dizzy. He was taken to hospital in a stable condition. The vessel was on route from Cape Town to India.