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Busy weekend for NSRI in Port Elizabeth

APRIL 4, 2016
Busy weekend for NSRI in Port Elizabeth

It was a busy weekend for the National Sea Rescue Institute's (NSRI) Port Elizabeth station, which attended to several emergencies off the Port Elizabeth coast.

"At 09h18, on Saturday, 02 April, an SA Air Force, 15 Squadron Charlie Flight, accompanied by NSRI ASR (Air Sea Rescue) swimmers and an EC Government Health EMS rescue paramedic responded to off-shore of Port Elizabeth to rendezvous with a ship carrying two crew members, one suffering a fractured ankle and one needing dental assistance," said NSRI spokesperson, Craig Lambinon.

"On arrival on the scene NSRI ASR rescue swimmers were hoisted aboard the ship Tempanos and the two Chilean sailors were hoisted into the helicopter, one suffering an open fracture to the right ankle from unknown causes and one requiring dental assistance."

Lambinon said that in a difficult operation both sailors were hoisted successfully off the ship and airlifted to hospital for further medical treatment. The ship, sailing from India to Brazil, continued on her voyage.

"Later, on the same day, at 13h01, NSRI Port Elizabeth duty crew aboard a sea rescue craft rendezvoused with a dive charter boat Blue Pearl 3 nautical miles from the Port of Port Elizabeth," he added.

"The casualty boat suffered motor mechanical problems with 12 crew onboard off-shore of Evans Peak, some 10 nautical miles from the Port of Port Elizabeth and then limped towards Port and NSRI Port Elizabeth rendezvoused with them 3 nautical miles off-shore and escorted them as a safety precaution into Port without incident."

At 12h19, on Sunday, 03 April, NSRI Port Elizabeth duty crew responded to off-shore of Noordhoek to assist the 8 meter catamaran motor boat Nemo with 4 crew onboard suffering steering mechanical problems but unable to get into Noordhoek slipway due to heavy sea swells.

"They were on an emergency steering tiller and they did not have sufficient fuel to limp the 10 nautical miles to Port Elizabeth's Port," Lambinon.

"NSRI Port Elizabeth rendezvoused with the craft and after establishing a towline the craft was towed to Port Elizabeth without incident."