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Butterworth police arrest two after robbery

By Charl Bosch - Jul 6, 2015
Butterworth police arrest two after robbery

Butterworth police arrested two suspects over the weekend after they allegedly robbed a shop in Centane of goods ranging from airtime to cigarettes.

In a statement, police spokesperson Jackson Manatha said the men, aged 36 and 38, entered the shop armed with a rifle and a dagger demanding money from the 23-year old owner.

“The suspect’s further stole tobacco, airtime and a cellphone. It is believed that the community was alerted about the robbery and they contacted Centane police,” Manatha said.

He added that the men were arrested shortly after with police also recovering the various items as well as an alleged getaway vehicle suspected of being used in other crimes.

The men are expected to appear in the Centane Magistrate's Court later this week.