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Butterworth police need help identifying dead armed robber

JUNE 9, 2015
Butterworth police need help identifying dead armed robber

Butterworth police attended to an armed robbery complaint at Yako Informal Settlement, along the N2 road just outside Butterworth, over the weekend, where they were informed that two tarvens had been robbed by two armed suspects.

One suspect was armed with a pistol while the other one was armed with a knife and they had robbed patrons of money and cellphones at the tarvens. It is alleged that in one of the outlets, they managed to rob an undisclosed amount of money.

Butterworth Police responded very quickly and they came across the suspect who was armed with a pistol. It is alleged he fired first to the police and the SAPS members returned the fire.

The suspect was fatally wounded and died instantly at the crime scene. The second suspect who was armed with a knife managed to flee from the police as Yako Informal Settlement is congested with shacks.

One of the owners of the alcohol selling outlet was hurt on her upper body by the suspect who was armed with a knife during robbery.

Police recovered an unlicensed 9mm pistol with five rounds of ammunition from the deceased suspect. The deceased suspect is not known and is estimated to be 35 years old.

Butterworth SAPS are appeal to the community members whose have relatives missing to come to Butterworth Police Station and identify the deceased.

Two cases of robbery with a fire arm have been opened against the deceased and the suspect who disappeared in the shacks.

An inquest docket has been opened in respect of the deceased.

The recovered unlicensed fire arm will be sent for ballistic testing to establish if it was not used in the commission of crime. Independent Police Investigative Directorate( IPID) was informed of the incident.