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Buy a Lollipop and become a Hospice Hero

By Jesica Slabbert - Aug 19, 2017
Buy a Lollipop and become a Hospice Hero

The St Francis Hospice has announced the launch of their Superhero Lollipop fundraising drive.

They will be selling a superhero lollipop for R8 at participating Spar outlets, and all profits received will be donated to St Francis Hospice.

“We have been successfully running the Hospice Hero campaign where ordinary citizens like you and me can make a monthly contribution via debit order to the Hospice. Since inception 3 years ago, we have raised nearly R3million via this debit order,” said Lynn van Vuuren.

“We then thought how to get the public to hear more about us and at the same time raising funds for the Hospice, thus the Superhero Lollipop came about. We only rolled it out last week, and already sold nearly 1000 suckers,” explained Lynn.

The selected Spars where you can purchase these lollipops are; 1st Avenue Walmer, Mount Pleasant, Sunridge, Summerbreeze, Linton Grange, Bluewater Bay, Jeffrey’s Bayand Beetlestone.

The lollipops will also be available at the Heralds Summerfestival that is taking place in Homeleigh Farm and at the Con.ect Convention at the Fairview Sports and Community Centre on the 2nd of September.

“We also had some men who are on parole and need to complete their community service chop up our wood that was cut two months ago in order to create a firewall. We have been kindly sponsored by BKB with big bags to pack it in, as well as All Cut and Coastal Hire who borrowed their heavy machinery to help cut this wood,” said Lynn.

“We can now beautify our stunning property again, especially in light that we recently launched our Garden of Remembrance, and at the same time raise some funds for the Hospice.”

The lollipops will be on sale until the 10th of October, which falls under the World Palliative and Hospice Care Day. The St Francis Hospice is in the process of brainstorming with Boomtown to launch an ongoing campaign to assist them in their fundraising.

Companies are welcome to purchase these lollipops in bulk from us to distribute to your organisation. They are also encouraged to wear a Superhero outfit or piece of clothing on Friday, 13 October in honour of Hospice Day.

Should you wish to purchase the lollipops in bulk for your organisation, or you have an interest in becoming a Hospice Hero, contact Lynn at 041 360 7070 or email her at lynn@stfrancishospice.za.org