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By-election win paves way for winning Kou-Kamma Municipality: DA

Apr 12, 2018
By-election win paves way for winning Kou-Kamma Municipality: DA

In a hotly contested Municipal Ward by-election held on Wednesday, the Democratic Alliance (DA) retained Ward 2 in the Kou-Kamma Local Municipality.

The Ward was previously represented by the DA and fell vacant after the then Councillor resigned. It was contested by the DA, the African National Congress (ANC) (43.1%) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).


"This positions the party to win this municipality in 2021 where there is a one seat difference and to increase its showing in the 2019 elections," said Dr Malcolm Figg MP, Tsitsi-Kouga Constituency Leader.

"The result proves that the DA stays on track to get into government after the 2021 local government elections.

"The DA’s candidate, Julian Jansen, obtained 55,4% of the vote while the ANC (43.1%) and EFF (0.006%) fell significantly short."

Dr Figg said that voters in rural Ward 2 used this opportunity "to reaffirm their faith in the DA and to send a message that they are fed-up with the ANC government in the Kou-Kamma Municipality and its record of poor service delivery and bad governance".

"The residents of Koukamma are ready for the Total Change that only a DA government can bring," he added.

"Come the 2019 national elections, the DA will remove the ANC from power in South Africa and the Eastern Cape to ensure a better future for all."