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Caledon Street Rehabilitation and Upgrade

Aug 25, 2018
Caledon Street Rehabilitation and Upgrade

The priming of the first section of Caledon Street, in George, has been completed and the contractor will begin with the first half of the Bitumen treated base (BTB) layer should continue and be complete on Saturday, before the predicted rain, the George Municipality said.

"There will be large machinery and construction vehicles busy on Caledon Street, and road users are requested to proceed with caution, especially this evening," described spokesperson, Chantel Edwards-Klose. 

"The stop and go traffic will continue until the works are complete and road users are requested to please adhere to the cautions that are required and exercise patience. 

"There have been a number of issues where road users are ignoring the instructions, signage and speed restrictions and are putting lives in danger." 

She said that sections where it is necessary for residents to drive over the pavements within the municipal road reserve will be rehabilitated.

"Once the BTB layer and the kerbs have been laid the final asphalt layer will be applied and road markings painted," Edwards-Klose added.

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