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Catamaran in year-long sea tragedy spotted off Cape Recife

Jan 20, 2016
Catamaran in year-long sea tragedy spotted off Cape Recife

A call has been made to seafaring residents of the Nelson Mandela Bay to be on the lookout for the capsized hull of a luxury catamaran that was last heard of on January 18, 2015, while sailing from Cape Town to Thailand.

Three South Africans, Anthony Murray (58), Reginald Robertson (59) and Jaryd Payne (20) set sail on 14 December 2014 from Cape Town for Phuket to deliver the luxury catamaran - Moorings A5130. They last made contact on 18 January 2015 via satellite phone at about 2190 Nautical Miles north-west of Peth, Australia.

The crew and the catamaran were scheduled to arrive in Phuket on 2 February and were carrying enough supplies for 65 days - they are still missing.

However, hope was renewed last week Thursday, when a Brazilian Navy ship, the Amazonas, communicated to the SA Navy that they had spotted an overturned hull 113 nautical miles off Cape Recife, near Port Elizabeth.


While the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) could not confirm that it is indeed the missing catamaran, photographs sent by the Amazonas are believed to be those of the Moorings A5130.

However, SAMSA reportedly indicated that they will not be deploying any recovery resources.

"This means that a drift pattern urgently needs to be done for the current location of the hull as every hour and day that passes increases the area of search. The hull is now within range of an air search as well as a sea search," reads a statement on a Facebook groupcreated to help bring the tragedy to a close.

"We desperately want whatever answers the hull might provide and are urgently appealing for any and all resources and help to reach it.

"Please pass this information on to anyone you believe can assist us. We remain deeply grateful for your help over the past year and going forward."