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CCMA tells large audience at Durban labour roadshow it is ready to implement changes

CCMA tells large audience at Durban labour roadshow it is ready to implement changes

The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) has told more than a thousand people attending a Labour Law Information Roadshow that its Commissioners are ready to implement the new labour laws. 

Raj Shanker, Convening Senior Commissioner of the CCMA in KwaZulu-Natal, told stakeholders from organised Labour, Business, Government and community organisations that a lot of work has alreadybeen done following the promulgation of the labour relations Act, the Employment Equity Act and the Basic Conditions os Employment Act, "We have done everything necessary to implement these changes. We have trained our commissioners around the country on the amendments".

He said the changes are the result of agreement by NEDLAC social partners; organised labour, business, government and community groups. 

Shanker said the CCMA was excited,  pleased and ready to implement these changes.

The review of the labour law was initiated in 2010. Key to the amendments was to respond to increased informalisation in the labour market, ensure that vulnerable categories of workers receive adequate protection and are employed in conditions of decent work. 

The amendments also seek to enhance the effectiveness of the primary labour market institutions such as Labour Court, the CCMA, the Essential Services Committee and labour inspectorate, strengthen the implementation of employment equity and enhance equal treatment in the workplace and also reposition the public employment service. 

The next stop of the Roadshow this week will be Polokwane in Limpopo, 25 February before proceeding to Nelpruit in Mpumalanga the following day. 


Image courtesy of: www.govpage.co.za