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CDW assists in bringing community greening project to Thornhill residents

Aug 4, 2014

As a way of creating awareness about fruit and vegetable gardening amongst the residents of Thornhill and surrounding areas, in the Kouga Local Municipality, a non-governmental organisation called Project Preparation Trust is currently assisting about 215 households with planting trees in their backyards.

“It is a community greening project, which involves the planting of over 600 trees at these households,” explained Mervine Aweries, who is the acting Kouga Local Municipality CDW Coordinator.

“We are planting a variety of fruit trees, including apples, oranges and peaches as well as bananas so that communities can start utilising the small spaces they have at home for gardening and eventually taste the fruits of their labour.”

Aweries said that the idea behind the project is to get communities to appreciate trees by showing how we can actually benefit from planting them at our homes.

“Some of our areas are suffering from the effects of climate change because we are cutting down trees and not replacing them. Planting trees that people can actually benefit from is a way to restore balance in our surroundings.”

Liesel du Plessis, Senior Project Manager at Project Preparation Trust, said that Aweries is crucial to the success of the project.

“Mervin assisted us with the identification of households that were interested in this kind of project, while he also assisted them with the application forms. He also helped us to get a local project coordinator for the project and he even went around his community, house-to-house, telling everyone about the launch of the project,” described du Plessis.

“He is really a good person – very cooperative and always assisting us in ensuring that the project goes forward. I really wish everyone was like him.”

Aweries said that group of community members was identified to act as monitors on the project for six months.

“These people will receive stipends from Project Preparation Trust and we appreciate the support and work that they are doing in building our community,” he said.

“It will be wonderful to expand on this project in the future, but that will depend on how it works out at its conclusion.”