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Centane man arrested for unlicensed firearm and ammunition

May 4, 2018
Centane man arrested for unlicensed firearm and ammunition

Centane police arrested a 56-year-old man for possession of unlicensed fire and two rounds of ammunition.

"The suspect was arrested on Friday during the morning at Mthwaku Location, Cebe Village, Centane," said police spokesperson, Capt Jackson Manatha.

"The suspect had allegedly pointed someone with the firearm. Initially a case of pointing with firearm was opened against the suspect.

"When he was arrested, the firearm namely a pistol with two rounds of ammunition was recovered from the suspect."

The suspect has been formally charged with pointing of firearm, possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

"The firearm will be circulated to establish its lawful owner. The firearm will further be sent for ballistic test to establish if it was not used in the commission of crime around Centane," Capt Manatha.

The suspect will appear before the Centane Magistrate's Court on Monday.