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Centane man bust with 1,726 kgs of dagga

Centane man bust with 1,726 kgs of dagga

Butterworth police on Wednesday announced that they had arrested a male suspect for possession of 1,726 kgs of dagga.

"The 43-year-old suspect was found in possession of dagga while driving a white van on a gravel road at James Location, Godidi Village by Centane SAPS members, were on duty patrolling the rural areas," police said.

He was travelling with two passengers in his van when he was stopped by police, who then discovered the dagga.

"It is believed that the suspect was taking the dagga to Godidi Village, in Centane, where he was going sell it to the villagers."

The suspect was charged with the possession of dagga and was due to appear before the Centane Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.